Specialty Chemicals and Solutions

JATKO, a US-based specialty chemical company, has the capability and capacity to formulate and manufacture specialty chemicals for virtually any water-based polymer application. Our 60 million pound per year capacity, large tank storage for multiple monomers and other chemical products, and a deep understanding of our customer’s market demands give JATKO the clear advantage in the specialty chemical manufacturing industry.

We support our customers 100% by learning their exact application requirements, and then our technical support staff and team of chemists formulate, evaluate, and test specialty chemical formulations before going to production. Our team has helped companies reduce the fire-retardant costs, improve their air filtration parameters and save money by creating the right solution to fit their needs. JATKO’s process, which is backed by certified ISO standards, eliminates waste and reduces valuable cost resources. JATKO’s streamlined research process allows us to quickly identify your needs, devise a solution and deliver enhanced products that immediately improve your bottom line and create enhanced value for your products and processes.

JATKO has one of the most experienced group of professionals for a company of our size in the polymer manufacturing industry, with over 200 years of experience serving the resin, latex, textile and non-woven industries. JATKO is a dependable partner in the specialty chemical manufacturing industry with flexibility, capacity, on-staff chemists, technical resources, storage and equipment for water based specialty chemical manufacturing. Trust JATKO’s skilled team of chemical experts and on-demand production and delivery of high quality and tested chemical products for all your specialty chemical needs.

chemist testing with a machine