Emulsion Polymers

JATKO, an emulsion polymer manufacturer, makes water-based emulsion polymers, including 100% acrylics, polyvinyl acetate, styrene acrylics, acrylic-urethanes and acrylonitriles. These emulsion polymer products can be specifically produced at a high and low glass transition temperatures (+/-Tg), depending on the application.

Emulsion polymer formulated products can be developed for applications that have very stiff firm properties or products that require a pressure-sensitive film adhesive. We will design and engineer the emulsion polymer that best fits the application and provide the optimal solution for our customer’s specific requirements. The combination of JATKO’s chemical engineering capabilities and emulsion polymerization technology makes us a dynamic on-demand manufacturer partner for our customers.

Using ISO-certified processes, JATKO specializes in custom manufacturing homopolymers and co-polymers to meet your emulsion polymers requirements. Combined with our compounding capabilities, JATKO’s emulsion polymerization technology delivers a powerful tool to attain your specific product. We can help you solve issues with our many years of application and manufacturing experience. We pride ourselves on learning your business and using that knowledge to custom manufacture a high-quality product that will achieve your market goals.

JATKO’s growth and success is a result of our ingenuity and willingness to serve our customers’ unique needs. In the last 20 years, we have created multiple emulsion polymer products for commercial, industrial and manufacturing purposes. JATKO has the experience and knowledge to evaluate a customer’s need and create a specially tailored solution. If you have a unique problem, JATKO can develop a solution. Put our experience to work for you.

man testing emulsion polymer JATKO