JATKO manufactures water-based performance treatments, including nonwoven binders and textile binders formulated to customer specifications. Binders improve the performance aspects of nonwoven and woven textiles, such as increasing stability in the product dimension, fraying prevention and material stiffness. Most commonly, these binder applications are found in the textile, paper and nonwoven markets. JATKO has developed products for specific coating applications, including spray, direct coat, foam coat, slot and print coating.

These nonwoven binders and textile binders are compatible with a wide range of fibers from natural materials such as cotton to synthetic materials, including polyester. JATKO’s expert staff of chemists and customer support personnel assists customers in identifying the right binder formulation for the specified material to achieve optimal performance. Our comprehensive lab environment allows us to test, evaluate, adjust and run test batch and mock formulations, saving operating costs and reducing waste. This gives our customers the peace of mind that the nonwoven binders and textile binders purchased from JATKO perform consistently at an optimal level.

Consider JATKO for your next order of nonwoven binders or textile binders. We will learn your business needs and specifications to engineer a product that will meet or exceed your expectations using an industry-driven ISO-certified processes. Our team has 150 years of combined experience designing, creating, testing and manufacturing the highest-quality nonwoven binders and textile binders in the industry.

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