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What started as a chemical supplier to the textile industry, JATKO has grown to service a large portfolio of companies in multiple industries including paper, textiles, and non-wovens. We have made customer service a focus from the beginning and we remain flexible to meet our customers’ changing needs.

JATKO has grown by filling the need for knowledgeable chemists and application experts who could provide service to targeted industries. JATKO continues to hire the most experienced chemists and service representatives in the polymer industry, allowing our products to be developed and customized for their exact applications. With more than 3oo years of combined experience, JATKO’s team of chemists can create unlimited formulations of all your emulsion polymer applications.

JATKO has grown through ingenuity and a willingness to help serve our customers unique needs. In the last 20 years, we’ve created multiple products for commercial, industrial and manufacturing purposes. What’s more, we have the experience and knowledge to evaluate a customer’s need and create a specifically tailored solution. If you have a unique problem, JATKO can develop a solution.

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aerial view of JATKO