Coatings – Polymer Coatings for Automotive, Industrial, Commercial and Construction Industries

JATKO, a US based polymer coating manufacturer, specializes in high-durability, non solvent coatings for the automotive, industrial, commercial and construction industries. Industrial polymer coating formulas are typically corrosion-, stain- and abrasion-resistant and never degrade due to heat, moisture or exposure to other chemicals. The majority of water-based polymer coatings developed are 100% acrylic, but also use co-monomers of styrene, acetate and acrylonitrile. Our manufacturing program gives our customers the flexibility of on-demand supply produced under the strictest ISO chemical processing standards.

At JATKO, we have over 130 years of combined experience manufacturing industry-leading polymer coatings. Our team of chemists and technical support staff develops premium polymer coating products to achieve the desired quality, durability, and quantity specified by our customers. This has enabled JATKO to experience continued growth in the chemical production industry for the last two decades.

JATKO’s nonsolvent protective industrial polymer coatings produced under our own exacting quality assurance program are constantly evaluated and calibrated based on written procedures, training and monitoring. We uphold the standards and specifications of ISO 9000, ASME, ASTM and AATC and meet or exceed the applicable requirements of these standards and/or specifications in their latest applicable edition, addenda or revision. Our goal is to produce reliable industrial polymer coatings and other water-based chemical products that meet the strictest qualifications set by our industry and our customers.

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